Bug of the Week: Callimorpha dominula



Bug(s) of the Week

This week is National Insect Week: a celebration of all things insect put on by the Royal Entomological Society. Some of the good folks there have been enjoying this weekly insect feature, and commissioned a week’s worth of daily post. This blog entry will be updated suitably as the week goes on. Happy returns -P

Monday: Eristalis tenax 


Tuesday: Tuberlolachnus salignus


Wednesday: Chorthippus brunneus


Thursday: Oedemera nobilis


Friday:  Calopteryx splendens


Saturday:  Chrysis spp.


Bug of the Week: Lethocerus americanus

This giant water bug is this week’s feature. It is a chunky beast, often measuring more than 5-cm in length. Their close relatives are often eaten as a snack throughout many parts of the world.

This particular species was included in a piece I put together called ‘The Usual Suspects’ over at Buzz Hoot Roar. This site is the coolest graphical science blog around, do have a wander through their archives – so many great posts!

Bug of the Week: Cicindela sexguttata

This week’s feature is Cicindela sexguttata – the six spotted tiger beetle. This is a beautiful iridescent beetle species that is found in wooded areas, particularly with sandy soils. Spot-numbers can vary widely between individuals. Both the adults and larvae are predaceous. Mary Holland has a great post on this species here at Naturally Curious. Also, have a look at this great vine on tiger beetle spots by Morgan Jackson.