Bug of the Week: Harlequin Ladybird

The bug of the week is the harlequin ladybird. This ladybird has invaded from Asia, and is contributing the loss of native species throughout its range expansions. Work led by Richard Comont has demonstrated that the harlequin ladybird is ten times less likely to be parasitised than a common native species (the seven spot ladybird). This evasion is thought to be an important factor in explaining the rapid proliferation of this species. The harlequin ladybird has a wide variety of colour forms, and is known to aggregate indoors during cold spells.


Comont, R. F., Purse, B. V., Phillips, W., Kunin, W. E., Hanson, M., Lewis, O. T and Roy, H. E. 2013. Escape from parasitism by the invasive alien ladybird, Harmonia axyridisInsect Conservation and Diversity.


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