Bug of the week: Blue Dasher

This is a brilliant dragonfly. The blue dasher is widespread across the USA, and is often spotted on sunny days throughout summer. Be careful with your identification – the females are not blue like their common name would suggest. Females are predominantly dark brown, with a series of paired lengthwise yellow stripes running along its abdomen. For an excellent description of this species – check out the dedicated page on Bugguide.

While the common name can be a little lacking on the blue side (though they certainly dash) the binomial name is bang-on. This species gets its species name from Latin origins (longipennis = longus + penna), ‘longus’ meaning ‘long’, ‘penna ‘meaning ‘wing/feather’. Longipennis = long wings. Check.

I chose to highlight the blue dasher as there is an excellent crowd-funding project happening right now to support world-class research into agro-ecology: Blue Dasher Farms. Jonathan and Jenna Lundgren are embarking on an adventure in farming, researching how regenerative agriculture can underpin an ecologically and economically sustainable operation. This team certainly has the experience and drive to make wonderful things happen. Already looking forward to visiting.

Check out the Blue Dasher website for further information, and again – check the Indiegogo campaign to help this independent research centre get off to a flying start.


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